About InterWeave

Organizational Leadership Training You Can Count On

InterWeave: Your choice for organizational management and leadership training and consulting services.

InterWeave was founded in April 2000, by Kimberly Mitchell with the goal to provide a strategic, yet flexible, process for organizational change management and leadership training services.


To unite people, identify opportunities, implement change and
drive results to create WOW relationships.

With this mission in mind, organizational change becomes a process of bringing your employees together, identifying their ideas, considering the needs of your company and your customers and then collaborating to achieve everyone’s goals. It is a strategic process that includes focus groups, surveys, strategy sessions, training, documentation, reinforcement, dialogues and more conversations.

Our Organizational Development and Change Approach:

Organizational change can be a daunting process. You may be asking yourself:

  • Why do we have to make more organizational changes?
  • Aren’t we where we need to be?
  • Our employees can’t handle any more changes. Haven’t we put them through enough?

If you have these questions, it’s time to embark on an organizational culture change with InterWeave as your project manager, training facilitator, leadership coach and operational consultant.

Our organizational management and leadership development strategy is to apply principles of transformational leadership and behavioral management to enhance the performance of any organization. Relationships are at the heart of our success.  Dialogues bring people to the table, asking questions enables everyone to be heard, concentrating on shared beliefs provides a common denominator of success, and embracing everyone into the community of excellence solidifies the relationships. This collaborative approach to organizational change sets everyone at ease and puts the focus on the relationships. Knowledge sharing creates the backbone of the training and leadership coaching takes place in a natural and conversational way to encourage ongoing focus on personal growth.

InterWeave’s unique strategies attract clients in the utility, telecommunications, insurance, financial services, healthcare, consumer products, transportation and local government sectors. If you are embarking on a culture change initiative that involves a new strategic look at your performance goals, mission or vision of customer and employee relationships- InterWeave is the collaborative partner to choose to ensure success of ongoing organizational change and development.

Our Core Competencies

We are dedicated servant leaders who put the needs of our clients at the core of our business strategy. Turn to InterWeave for your organizational change initiatives so we can assist you with the following:

  • Fostering a WOW culture in which organizations perform all the right behaviors, with all the right intentions to achieve all the right results while centering on the value of relationships.
  • Developing behavior-based standards that create the foundation for serving the needs of the customers, the employees and exceeding the overall business objectives.
  • Designing valid and reliable monitoring and quality assurance processes that will help organizations gauge and sustain a healthy culture through compassionate accountability.
  • Creating process-based training and learning initiatives so that employees are trained in the most efficient and effective ways for sustained results.
  • Developing the essential documentation (Range of Tolerance™ and Interaction Flows) that assists employees in understanding the specific behaviors that will create WOW experiences and foster lifetime loyalty.
  • Deploying and reinforcing a strategic coaching process for all levels of leadership to ensure that leaders are mentoring to the desired behaviors and intentions while lifting employees to higher levels of being.

Why should you partner with InterWeave?

  • Customized solutions. We know that each company is unique, with specific organizational leadership needs, and distinctive requirements. Our goal is to design the training and coaching strategies that are best suitable for your organization and we work with you through our collaborative process to ensure that your organizational needs are met all along the process. .
  • Highly flexible. Each client comes to InterWeave with different organizational, budgetary and performance needs. We work with each client to ensure that all of your needs are met. Tell us the time, talent and resources that you need to fill and we will supplement your organizational resources with ours to fill the gap and ensure success.
  • Results-oriented. Our training is specifically targeted at achieving tangible results: higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, higher morale for your employees, higher quality relationships and more efficient interactions with your customers. Your organization development and change initiative results will be achieved with InterWeave as your partner.
  • Detail focused. The key to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of any organization lies in the details. InterWeave fresh set of eyes will put a new lens on your organization to help you to recognize missed opportunities and put the strategy in place to turn wow moments into a way of life for all of your employees.

Keys To Success

For an effective and successful transformation in the organizational management and leadership of a company, these are the tools that InterWeave models in our business practice and how we will partner with you:

  • Reassure a baseline of trust and authenticity
  • Ask the right questions and create meaningful dialogs with employees
  • Model the desired behaviors of success
  • Employ creative coaching and learning techniques
  • Intentionally focus on the value of the relationships

InterWeave looks forward to the opportunity to serve your organizational and leadership needs.