Are you a transformational leader?

What is going on in your business right now?  Are you installing a new system? Maybe you are in the midst of a merger or acquisition? Or maybe you are looking at your performance statistics and thinking they could be better. Have you considered how your current leadership styles could be impacting your success? When I say leadership style, you may immediately start thinking about the personality tests that you have recently taken… DISC, or Colors, or Keirsey, or many others that are out there. While your personality is important to your leadership methodology, I’m talking about HOW YOU LEAD, not what your personality profile says about you. Are your behaviors in line with a laissez-faire leader, a transactional leader or are your behaviors truly transformational? If you are not getting the results you are looking for in your business, it could be because your leaders are not transformational. I’m headed to the TPPA Annual Conference in San Antonio to meet with a few hundred leaders of power companies to talk about the difference between these leadership methods. It’s going to be a dynamic session filled with tidbits of information

CLICK HERE to see the presentation on digging into the details of transformational leadership.  The presentation includes a video, which is not included in the attached presentation.  If you are looking for more information about changing your business through transformational leadership, contact me for more information.



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