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Making Coaching Part of Your Job Description

Here is reason number 9 that I hear why leaders don’t coach… “Coaching is not part of my job description.”  And to this reponse I would ask, “Why not?” Coaching should be a part of everyone’s job description.  Here are easy ways to make coaching a natural thing to do in whatever role you play… […]

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Isn’t handing out stats considered coaching?

Today’s focus is the 7th reason I hear from leaders about why coaching does not happen… “I am coaching.  I hand out their stats and reports every day.  What’s wrong with that?  Isn’t that coaching?” One way to help facilitate change is definitely through communication and letting people know how they are doing by handing […]

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More reasons why leaders do not coach

So what is the next reason why leaders do not coach their employees? “I have all great employees.  Why do I need to spend the time coaching?  They’re doing everything I need them to do.” My first reponse is “YEA!” That is exciting that they are doing everything that you need them to do.  Then […]

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Another reason why leaders do not coach

I am continuing my series on why leaders don’t coach with the next popular response of “I don’t feel comfortable coaching and it just doesn’t feel natural to me”.  The first thing that I would say to a leader that makes this confession is, “Thank you for your honesty!”.  So if you are responsible for […]

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Reasons why leaders do not coach

I started a series of posts about the reasons why leaders do not coach.  Here is reason number 3  – “I don’t have time”. The first thing  I will say is, I completely understand that we do not have time to coach!  It is really tough to find time during our days for anything extra.  But… […]

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Reasons why leaders do not coach

Here is reason number 2 that I provided in an earlier post as to why leaders do not coach… “No one else is coaching and holding their employees accountable.  I don’t want to look like the bad guy.”  Here are some tips to help you overcome this reason. 1. I would highly recommend changing your […]

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