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What’s REALLY important?

As we move through life, we make decisions every day as to what is important and what is not important.  Is it age or experience or a life changing event 0r simply a greater level of awareness that causes us to re-evaluate our priorities?  I settled myself into my seat on the plane on Sunday as I […]

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Why Leaders Do Not Coach

I’ve just spent the last two days teaching observations with one of my utility clients.  I designed a process for helping them to identify the driving behaviors and field behaviors that we need to observe, coach and trend that will help them to reduce (and hopefully eliminate) accidents and incidents.  But the majority of the […]

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What You Tolerate Becomes Your Standards

I remember it like it was yesterday, the first time I made that statement —  “What you tolerate becomes your standards”.  It was during a Wednesday morning senior staffing meeting in 1998.  One of our biggest challanges was the dress code of our employees.  Our internal marketing coordinator had come up with a great incentive program to motivate […]

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Stops and Starts

I am just the same as everyone else… I create a plan, it works really well for awhile, and then things happen (LIFE) and my plan changes. Things that I committed to doing lose their priority and other items seem to inch their way to the top of the list.  That’s the way it has been with […]

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