Being a leader in all places

My husband Steve and I attended A Weekend to Remember Marriage Retreat this past weekend. I think we just wanted an excuse to head to Sanibel Island for the weekend.  During the weekend we listened to speakers, had homework that we did together to open up lines of communication and we enjoyed a great date night out.  Quite a few things that were said during the conference hit home to me, but there was one line in particular that really struck me as significant. 

If you don’t like your marriage, remember that your marriage is simply the picture… but you are the artist.  Just like you wouldn’t ask a painting to change itself, you can’t ask a marriage to change itself. You would ask the artist to change the painting, just like you would ask the partners in the relationship to change the marriage. 

It seems  like a very simple thought, but for some reason it really resonated with me.  How many times have we all complained that we didn’t like our life, we didn’t like our marriage or we didn’t like our working environment.  We are the artists and we have the ability to paint any kind of picture we want!  What is it that you don’t like about your work or your home relationships?  What can you do differently to change the big picture?  If you were to look at your relationship from the perspective of, “It’s not about me”, what would you do differently?  Steve and I had a great time focusing on us this weekend and remembering how to paint the most beautiful picture of our marriage. 

What can I change about my actions or reactions with a special person in my life that will change the big picture?  How can I paint a different picture if I don’t like the one that I am looking at right now? 


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