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Making Changes Isn’t Easy

Anyone who thinks making changes is easy- has not really changed! People who say that adapting  to changes comes easy to them probably have not made a true transformational change; they may have only made a small incremental change. It’s the transformational changes that have the greatest impact on individuals as well as on organizations. […]

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Organizational Change through Deep Change

We are now embarking on Chapter 7 of Deep Change by Robert Quinn. After talking with several others about this book, I think this might be the least understood chapter and something that is too easily taken for granted. This chapter is focused to the need for reinventing ourselves by changing our perspectives. The word […]

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Looking for Organizational Change?

Organizational change begins by making deep changes in ourselves. We are now embarking on chapter 6 of Robert E. Quinn’s Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within. There are nuggets to be found in each of these chapters and I’m hoping that you have been enjoying the journey of discovering the leader within yourself as you […]

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