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TECO Case Study

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at CS Week’s conference in Tampa.  In addition to being a college course facilitator again this year, I was excited to have an opportunity to provide information about the performance journey with TECO (Tampa Electric and People’s Gas).  You will find the presentation attached to this post. […]

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Monitoring in a Call Center? Is it worth it?

    Call monitoring is a common activity in call centers.  Most call centers today have quality monitoring (QA) departments and quality monitoring software (Verint, eTalk, NICE, etc) that allows organizations to record voice and data, evaluate the calls and store the information for trending purposes.  A great deal of time, effort and expense goes […]

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Do you want to focus on customer service skills? Start with your policies

I’ve received several requests over the past few weeks to conduct training on customer service skills.  Can I do that?  YES- I can definitely do that.  But let’s really understand what we are asking for when we embark on a corporate desire to improve our customer service skills. First… Is your true focus on the […]

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