CCA Conference in Miami

I am here in Miami at the CCA conference (Contact Center Association) and having a wonderful time.  Thank you so much to all of you who just attended my session on Transformational Leadership- what it is and why you want your leaders to be transformational.  What a great and dynamic group of people who are focused on the higher levels of leadership and what it will do for your organizations.  Attached to this post is the slide deck that I used during this presentation.  Pay particular attention to slide number 12 which provides you with the comparisons between laissez faire and transactional leadership and how those compare to transformational leadership.

If you are interested in  more information about my training and consulting services to help bring your organization to higher levels of leaders- please drop me a note and let’s talk about where your leaders are today, where you would like them to be in the future- and most importantly… the plan for getting them there!


CCA.Miami.Building Transformational Leaders For Sustained Organizational Success

Are you a transformational leader or do you tend to gravitate to being transactional or laissze faire? 

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