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Looking to Implement Organizational Change in the New Year?

The beginning of the New Year is a great time for making organizational changes! Recent conversations that I have been having with corporate leaders are focused around new initiatives in organizational change and leadership for 2014. I love this topic because I firmly believe that in order to continue being a learning organization and continue […]

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Coaching- what is it REALLY?

It’s that time of year…. early December. The holidays are just around the corner, another year is ending and final examinations are complete!  Whew! I have spent the last three months conducting an in-depth literature review on my favorite topic- coaching.  My research has revealed some fascinating studies and results. There is definitely a link […]

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Transformational leadership behaviors

Last week I began a blog series on the important behaviors of a leader that will assist in creating transformational coaching moments.  One of the next most important behaviors is to ensure that you are specific in talking about behaviors and do not use general perceptions of performance. Behaviors are objective, specific actions or reactions […]

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How to start a coaching session

So, you know that you have a few things that you want to communicate with an employee, and you find yourself putting that conversation to the bottom of your to-do list.  WHY?  One reason might be because you are unsure about how to start the dialogue with the employee.  There are several ways that you […]

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The Value of Leader Observations

I’m immersed in reading my latest book by Bernard Bass, Transformational Leadership (2006) and intrigued by one of the assertions in this book. “To date, there have been very few attempts to assess transformational leadership via systematic, objective third-party (i.e. nonfollowers) observations.  One exception is a study by Ployhart, Lim, and Chan (2001) that rated […]

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