CS Week 2019 Materials

Good morning All,

What a great time we had at the CS Week 2019 College Course, “Sustaining a Healthy Culture where Your Employees Flourish and Your Utility Thrives”. There were dynamic dialogs about leader behaviors that promote high quality relationships, the role of motivation, and what a healthy culture looks like. I am so blessed to have an opportunity to facilitate these conversations and I am looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone. Here are the materials that I used during this session.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation that I used during the course. Kimberly Mitchell.2019 CS Week College Course Presentation.FINAL.

Here is an electronic copy of the LMX-7 assessment to help you determine the quality of relationships with your employees. LMX-7

Here is a copy of the Flourishing at Work Assessment. I realize that the scoring is a bit complicated, but it is worth the mental struggle to find out if your employees are flourishing! Flourishing at Work Assessment

Thanks to everyone for your attendance and participation during the CS Week 2019 college course. I hope to see you at the next CS Week conference. Until we meet again, enjoy the journey to a healthier culture!

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