Deep Change – It all begins with you!

We are now embarking on chapter 3 of Deep Change by Robert E. Quinn. Are you spending some time getting to know yourself differently? Are you looking around you and seeing things more clearly yet? A very interesting thing is going to start happening to you. You are going to start thinking of all the people around you that need changing. So you may decide to start dropping hints to “those people” about what they need to change. You may start to do things for them with the thought that “they” might get the hint. But you may find that “they” are not getting the hint and so you start to make more overt statements that start with, “You know, you really may want to start changing that…” But all that does is create resentment between you and “them”. Not seeing results in “them” may start to frustrate you a little bit. May I make a suggestion?…. Don’t make this process about “them”.

Look inside you, not outside to others.

Look inside you, not outside to others.

Make it all about you! That’s right get a little selfish with this process and consider yourself first. Don’t worry if “they” don’t get the hint. Change your perspective and remember that you are not changing for their good, you are changing for the good of YOU. That’s right- this is all about you! The title of this book is not, Making deep Changes in Others. It is about each one of us looking within own hearts and seeing what we need to change in ourselves. If we all just focused on ourselves as individuals, then we wouldn’t have to worry about others because they would be spending time concentrating on themselves.

“At the personal level, the key to successful living is continuous personal change. Personal change is the way to avoid slow death. When we are continually growing, we have an internal sense of meaning and impact. We are full of energy and radiate a successful demeanor. To have such feelings in a continually changing environment, we must continually realign ourselves with our environment. This requires that we do an unnatural thing – that we exercise the discipline to take an unusual perspective…. The problem is that to grow, to take the journeys on which our growth is predicated, we must confront our own immaturity, selfishness, and lack of courage” (Quinn, 1996, pp. 35-37).

We must be willing to not only spend the time learning so that we can enrich ourselves intellectually. We must then exercise the courage and discipline to change ourselves in the direction of our learning so that what our mind knows, our heart feels and body acts upon. I know many leaders who tell me all about the training classes that they have attended and the certifications that they have earned and yet, they do not model what they say they know. It is not because they don’t have the knowledge, it is because they have not opened their heart to admit that they are not the perfect people they think they are. It has always been all about “them”. “Those people” who are making my life hard and “those people” who don’t understand me. Well now is the time to make it all about you!

Are you ready? I AM! While I have read Deep Change twice from cover to cover and have my underlined and highlighted copy in front of me as I write these posts, I am engaging in this same journey with you. I am not walking ahead of you to lead the way, I am walking beside you as I journey back through this thought process again. So while you may be enjoying this book for the first time, I am enjoying it also and I am giving myself this opportunity to continue learning about myself. I am writing these words as much for myself, as I am for you.   So come walk with me on this journey as we keep digging deeply because organizational change starts within each one of us.

What have you found out about yourself so far?

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