Grow as a Leader by “Leading with a Limp”

Are you as busy as I am these days? Project meetings, coaching sessions, documentation review, new process meetings, updating procedures (and then there are more meetings to attend!). Sometimes I get so busy with all of the things that I am DOING, that I forget who I am BEING; and more importantly who I am BECOMING as a leader. I have learned the hard way how important it is that when I feel like I am running fast from one task to another, it is time to slow down and direct my attention inward on how I am responding to the people around me and how I am showing others my best self.

In light of how busy my life is right now, I thought it would be a good time to re-read Dan B. Allender‘s Leading with a Limp to help me to re-center myself and slow down a bit. I hope you will join me on this book review journey as I spend time each day reading, writing in my journal, and reflecting on my own leadership journey.

Allender reminds us in the first few pages that “life requires surrender for us to gain what we desire” (2006, p. 7), so this is a great time for me to surrender some of my time, intensity, and control over those things that I cannot control by breathing in some reminders about leadership and redesigning myself before I consider designing organizational change.

Join me as we meander through the pages of Leading with a Limp and focus on seeing our weaknesses in order to grow our strengths. Have a beautiful day!   Kimberly

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