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Coaching- what is it REALLY?

It’s that time of year…. early December. The holidays are just around the corner, another year is ending and final examinations are complete!  Whew! I have spent the last three months conducting an in-depth literature review on my favorite topic- coaching.  My research has revealed some fascinating studies and results. There is definitely a link […]

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Beyond respecting diversity- being inclusive

So by now, we have all attended at least one class on “respecting diversity”.  So my question now is, “How is that working for you?” It’s time that we moved beyond the thoughts and feelings of respecting diverse cultures, ways of life, religions, sexual preferences, geographic locations, etc. and start doing the actions that show […]

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Do you want to focus on customer service skills? Start with your policies

I’ve received several requests over the past few weeks to conduct training on customer service skills.  Can I do that?  YES- I can definitely do that.  But let’s really understand what we are asking for when we embark on a corporate desire to improve our customer service skills. First… Is your true focus on the […]

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