Looking to Implement Organizational Change in the New Year?

The beginning of the New Year is a great time for making organizational changes!

As leaders, we need to be willing to stick our neck out once in awhile

Recent conversations that I have been having with corporate leaders are focused around new initiatives in organizational change and leadership for 2014. I love this topic because I firmly believe that in order to continue being a learning organization and continue making positive strides; we need to keep looking at new and different ways of doing business. My conversations around this topic usually begin by asking senior leaders what changes they plan to make in themselves! Organizational change does not begin with someone else- organizational change begins with each one of us as the leader!  (We usually enjoy a moment of silence after I make that statement.)

We need to be like this turtle… we need to be willing to stick our neck out to see what is around us. We also need to get our head positioned so that we can turn and look at ourselves. REALLY LOOK AT OURSELVES!

Are we all that we want to be as a leader? Or are there things that we could be doing differently to become an even stronger leader? I think it is wonderful that we strive for organizational change- let’s first start with personal change.   For 2014, my commitment is to take some deep dives into at least 5 books so we can explore and uncover what leadership is really all about. Turning wow moments into a way of life begins in each one of us as leaders.

I’m going to be taking a deep dive into Robert Quinn’s (1996) Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within  for the next six weeks to get us started on a journey of self discovery to kick off the New Year. This will be a great opportunity to take 30 minutes for yourself every day to read my post, and then take a look at the section in the book that I am referring to. You might want to even take some time to journal about what you read or make a list of things that you learned, or start a commitment page in the back of the book to keep track of the goals that you have for yourself.

Remember…If organizational change is your goal, it all starts with you!

Here’s a brief passage to get us started…

“We live in a tumultuous time. Change is everywhere, and we are surrounded by circumstances that seem to demand more than we can deliver. We are all regularly lured into playing the role of the powerless victim or the passive observer. In such roles, we become detached,  and our sense of meaning decays. We look at everything in a superficial way. We see little potential and have little reverence. To choose to play either of these roles is to choose meaninglessness of the slow death of the self” (Quinn, 1996, p. xiii. bolding added for emphasis).

What this paragraph is doing is setting us up to see what part we are playing in the world around us. Are there areas of our lives in which we are playing the powerless victim or the passive observer? When we feel forced to play one of these roles, we find ourselves detaching from who we really are and the role that we would REALLY like to be playing. We owe it to ourselves as leaders to spend time reflecting on the roles that we are assuming in our lives, we then need to name those roles (powerless victim, passive observer, or sometimes even the resentful rebel or offended snob). Some of these names are difficult to say and even more challenging to admit- but this is where change begins- with naming the current place that we live in an honest and humble way. Once we have named and admitted the role that we play in certain aspects of our lives, we can then begin to peel back the layers of why those roles were created and who we really are as leaders.

This is where change begins- but we’re going to be talking about DEEP CHANGE. The kind that starts in your heart and moves out from there. Are you ready for 2014?? We only have 28 more days so let’s get started!

Am I willing to stick my neck out and look at myself as a leader?
What roles do I play in certain areas of my life?
Where did those roles come from?
Who am I as a Leader- REALLY?

Quinn, R. E. (1996). Deep change:Discovering the leader within. San Francisco, CA:Jossey-Bass.

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  1. Kimberly Mitchell December 5, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

    What a great idea for kicking off the new year! There is something in every chapter that will help each of us to grow as individuals and as a team. I hope you enjoy!

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