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I am preparing to head to San Diego for the CCA Conference with a session on the Utility Research that I conducted last summer.  300 calls were attempted into 100 utilities with a total of 274 calls completed.  Those calls were scored and ranked.   As I prepare to facilitate that session, I am also writing articles and answering questions about call monitoring.  The types of questions that have been coming in include:

How do we do it so that our Representatives understand the reason why we monitor?

How can we monitor so that our Supervisors and our QA are on the same page?

Our results are not changing and we’re not making any headway. WHY?

My supervisors hate to monitor and so they don’t do it.  How do I make them like to monitor?

These are all great questions!   Look for some answers in upcoming posts as I write blogs from San Diego at the beginning of next week. Then I am off to Dallas at the end of the week.  Look for more exciting posts from the TPPA Marketing and Customer Service Conference at the end of next week.

Attached is an article that includes some helpful tips about getting a return on investment from your monitoring activities.  What other questions do you have about monitoring?  Drop me a comment with your questions.

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