More on creating a customer focused culture

So over the past few days, I have provided a few tips to drive a customer service focused culture.  There is still more to explore!  So by now you have dug deep into your policies and changed the policies to support a customer driven culture, and then you have looked at how your leaders are spending their time and you have made the time for them to coach.  You have also spent time listening to your leaders communicating with your customers.  Did those conversations make your feel, “WOW” in your heart?  Or were those conversations “just OK”?

If you thought that the conversations that your leaders had with your customers were “just ok” and they did not knock your socks off, we need to now focus on what those interactions should sound like.  Now it’s time to redefine your Range of Tolerance- because “What you have tolerated has become your standard” and your leaders are only living up to the tolerance levels – not striving to achieve their full potential.

At this point, you will start to hear people say, “But this is just the way I do it.  This is the way that I was trained. No one ever told me to do anything differently. This is just who I am“.   And I want to reassure you that I am aware of all of those responses and I understand completely that no one every told you to do anything differently.  Shame on us as leaders for not raising the bar sooner.

But now we ARE raising the bar and the bar is being raised for everyone.  We are going to be pushing you and we are not going to continue to settle for “just ok” anymore.  This is a journey and we recognize that this will not be easy.  Changing old habits is hard!

This is the difficult question that companies need to ask themselves- just because something is hard, does that mean that it is not worth doing?

Listen to more of your phone calls and do not focus on scoring them.  Focus on how you feel and what is making you feel that way.  Would you feel excited to talk with that employee of yours if you were the customer?  Do you know all of the available options?  Do you listen to that person and think of them as the utmost professional?  Do they sound warm and genuine and also professional and courteous?

Get focused on your perceptions first.  What do you want your employees to sound like?  Friendly? Warm? Helpful? Sincere? Knowledgeable? Professional?  Now identify how you do not want them to sound… Rude? Arrogant? Bored? Disinterested? Angry?

Know the feelings that you do want your customers to feel and the feelings that you do not want your customers to feel when they speak with your employees.

Once you identify your perceptions, now it is time to identify the specific behaviors that create those feelings.  More on that topic tomorrow!

How do I feel when I listen to my empl0yees speak with my customers? Do I feel that my employees sound friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and understanding?  OR do they sound bored, disinterested, unfocused, preoccupied, or irritated? 


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