Strategic Implementation of a change process is critical to turning WOW moments into a way of life. Here are some of the questions that will help to identify why there are performance gaps and how I can help you close those gaps and turn WOW moments into a way of life.

  1. What we tolerate becomes our standards. What is your leadership tolerating that does not meet your standards? Why are you tolerating these behaviors?
  2. We need to manage to the metrics but mentor to the behaviors. Are you telling people to meet a goal but not specifically helping them to change their behaviors?
  3. Relationships are at the heart of your success. How healthy are the relationships between leaders and employees?
  4. What is happening now that WOWs you that you want to duplicate throughout your organization?

InterWeave can assist you in re-establishing your Range of Tolerance so that everyone is clear on the behavioral standards that will help you to turn WOW moments into a way of life consistently!