InterWeave’s training programs are not like any other training you have attended- they are a life changing event. You will not look at yourself or others around you in the same way ever again as you explore your Range of Tolerance, your performance management cycle, the Hierarchy of Employee Needs, the Hierarchy of Customer Needs and so much more!

Turning WOW moments into a way of life involves several levels of training that focus on a coaching culture that embraces growth and development…

Creating WOW Relationships and Coaching to WOW Relationships are the two primary training courses that are facilitated with your organization.

Have you ever attended a training class and then got back to your work group and wondered how to implement what you learned? THAT WON’T HAPPEN HERE!

  1. Facilitated with purposeful exercises that promote self awareness and engagement in the learning process.
  2. Customized to your specific learning needs.
  3. Inclusive of the process, forms and steps to implement rather than simply an introduction of great concepts.
  4. Connection with the real issues that need to be changed. Training is an important part of changing performance, but training will not be the only solution to your performance challenges. Let’s dig deep into the real issues and develop a collaborate approach to turning WOW moments into a way of life.

Click Below for a detailed outline of InterWeave’s training programs.

InterWeave Workshops