Press the Pause Button

Press the pause button. How often do we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of meetings, projects, employee issues, customer situations and many other things that make us feel frazzled? As a leader, it is so important to recognize the value of stopping and staying MINDFUL of what is happening around us and how we may be  contributing to the craziness. Take just one moment today and PRESS PAUSE and think about what you are thinking about and what you are about to do. Your leadership matters to the people around you and they depend on mindful leaders.    Here are a few ways to make this happen during your day…


  1. Start your day with a to-do list of the things that you want to get accomplished.  BE MINDFUL of the items that are on your list. Do you have time with your employees on that list? Time for learning and growing as a leader? And do you have time for customers on that list?  What is on your list and how can you change it to ensure that your priorities and goals are being met?
  2. After you complete a meeting, stop and BE MINDFUL of what you learned in that meeting.  What are you walking away with after that meeting that you did not have when you walked into the meeting?
  3. At the end of the day, when there is just 30-45 minutes left, BE MINDFUL of one interaction that you wanted to have during the day and didn’t and either accomplish it immediately or put it first on your list for tomorrow.

Graceless is the word that best describes many schedules. Jam-packed with things that must be done if we are to justify this use of time, our meetings take us on forced marches from one topic to the next, making it impossible to explore anything deeply and well. We go crashing through the forest together, harried and breathless, staying on the surface with our intellects and egos, while all things soulful flee deeper into the woods” (Palmer, 2004, p. 85).


Palmer, P. J. (2004). A hidden wholeness: The journey toward an undivided life. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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