Reinforcement is needed to strengthen the confidence and knowledge so that change is sustained in your organization. Turning WOW moments into a way of life is more than attending a training class. Now we need to see if the new knowledge is resulting in changed behaviors.

One-on-one coaching is designed to support the learning needs of your leaders so they can become transformational leaders who focus on their leadership behaviors and the process of efficiently and effectively turning WOW moments into a way of life within your organization.

Common Challenges

  • We promote leaders because they are excellent in their previous role but not necessarily because they are great leaders.
  • We stop coaching employees when they become leaders.
  • We assume that all leaders know how to lead the way that you lead.

STOP this cycle!

Leaders need coaching too! The reinforcement step will provide you with:

  • Knowledge of what to look for in GREAT leaders
  • Detailed steps to observe and coach leaders
  • One on one support with leaders to help them grow in their leadership skills.