Steps to Transforming Your Culture

The main question that I have received this week has been, “Now that we understand that we have to change some of our employees’ behaviors in order to be more successful, what methods do we use to get people to change their behaviors?”

Here are the first questions that I would like to ask:

  1. If these are the absolute right behaviors to do, what is really standing in the way of people demonstrating these behaviors? Do they need training?  Maybe not- maybe there are other challenges to them performing these behaviors and it’s time to start asking questions of the employees. The number one reason that I receive when I ask an employee why they are doing something a certain way is this: “Because that is the way that I have always done it”.  Sounds like a reasonable answer to me!  So let’s more on to #2 below…
  2. Has the expectation been communicated that you have certain desirable behaviors that need to be done in order to meet all the needs of your organization?  When people know exactly what is expected of them, most of the time they will make that happen.
  3. Are your leaders truly modeling the way?  If the leaders are demonstrating these behaviors, why isn’t everyone?
  4. Are your leaders asking questions of your employees and providing the necessary support to demonstrate the desired behaviors?

In a healthy culture that is built on trust, authenticity and a passion for doing the right thing for the right reasons to get the right results- we should not have to use the carrot or the stick approach to changing behaviors.  Open up the dialogues, ensure that as a leadership team we are doing the right things for the right reasons and provide the employees the support they need to meet (and exceed) your expectations!


See the attached job aid that will provide you with more details and be sure to call me or email me with any questions or ideas!
InterWeave.Tips for Beginning the Journey to Changed Behaviors

Are we modeling the way for our employees so they can be WOWed by our behaviors?

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