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Organizational Change through Deep Change

We are now embarking on Chapter 7 of Deep Change by Robert Quinn. After talking with several others about this book, I think this might be the least understood chapter and something that is too easily taken for granted. This chapter is focused to the need for reinventing ourselves by changing our perspectives. The word […]

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Are your Diversity Initiatives Working?

Companies spend billions of dollars each year to provide education and training to their employees about respecting diversity. Are you getting a return on investment from the time and money you are spending? Do your employees “feel the love” through your respect and appreciation of their uniqueness? Read this article and put yourself and your […]

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Coaching- what is it REALLY?

It’s that time of year…. early December. The holidays are just around the corner, another year is ending and final examinations are complete!  Whew! I have spent the last three months conducting an in-depth literature review on my favorite topic- coaching.  My research has revealed some fascinating studies and results. There is definitely a link […]

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My Week with The Tao Te Ching

Have you ever read The Tao by Lao Tzu?  I did and here is my story.  This week in Leadership Theory we are reading the 81 chapters and reflecting on its relevancy to leadership. There are some leadership lessons to be learned here…. 1. There are things that we do to develop the leadership characteristics […]

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