TECO Case Study

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at CS Week’s conference in Tampa.  In addition to being a college course facilitator again this year, I was excited to have an opportunity to provide information about the performance journey with TECO (Tampa Electric and People’s Gas).  You will find the presentation attached to this post.      InterWeave and TECO Case Study.2011

Here are the key points about this journey…

  • When your call center is looking to change its monitoring form or the monitoring standards, do not make the journey all about the form!  The end product is not the form; the end product is the PROCESS that your leaders and employees will embark on to change their mindsets about the behaviors that are listed on the monitoring form.  If you make this initiative about the form, you will not change performance.
  • While much of the time is spent determining what your Range of Tolerance is for your representatives’ behaviors, the key to the success of this process is about your SUPERVISORS’ behaviors.  Are they transformational leaders? Are they doing the right behaviors in order to change your employees’ behaviors?
  • This is a CULTURE CHANGE initiative, not a training program and not a quality monitoring initiative.  Your organization will make the shift to becoming behaviorally managed. Are you ready for that culture change??
  • Your supervisors will need as much (or more) coaching as your representatives.  It is important to factor this important task into your process.  Supervisors are not always accustomed to being observed and then coached on their coaching behaviors.  Are you prepared for that change?
  • This journey is about taking on a new mindset about monitoring, scoring, coaching and managing performance.  Be prepared to change the way you do business. When you make this kind of deep change, there is a rippling effect to all the changes that will be made in your organization.  Are you ready for this journey?  It is exciting, but it also takes a great deal of focus and dedication.  This is not a program- it is designed to be a life changing journey.


Thank you for the opportunity to share this case study with you!   Please contact me for more information about what this journey would look like for your organization.

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