What are you willing to tolerate?

What we tolerate becomes our standard.” As you go through your day today, let’s focus on what we are willing to tolerate in ourselves.  Here are some things that immediately come to my mind that I am going to focus on today in myself…

Am I willing to tolerate…

  1. Losing my energy and momentum by 2:00 in the afternoon or am I am going to turn to tomorrow’s to-do list and keep moving through my growing list?
  2. Getting sucked into my social media tasks that could take me all day or am I going to set a specific time limit of how much time I will spend and then move on to the next task?
  3. Putting items off til tomorrow that I could do today?
  4. Getting brought into discussions that are not purposeful and staying in the discussion when I really need to move on?
  5. Finishing a document before the due date and submitting it hastily rather than stepping back and re-reading it again to see if there is anything missing.

What are we tolerating in ourselves?  How can we push ourselves to be stronger leaders so that we can more effectively and efficiently lead our teams?  Before I can look out at the masses, I need to spend time looking inward.  Spend time with yourself today and take an honest look at not only who you are, but who you want to be as a leader.

What is the one thing that I am going to do today to become a stronger leader?

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